Forrest City Public Library PRIVACY POLICY 

Forrest City Public Library’s commitment to your privacy and confidentiality has deep roots not only in law but also in the ethics and practices of librarianship. In accordance with the American Library Association's Code of Ethics:

"We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired, or transmitted."

Forrest City Public Library Commitment to Our Users Rights of Privacy and Confidentiality

This privacy policy explains your privacy and confidentiality rights, the steps this library takes to respect and protect your privacy when you use library resources, and how we deal with personally identifiable information that we may collect from our users.

1. Notice & Openness

We post publicly and acknowledge openly the privacy and information-gathering policies of this library. Whenever policies change, notice of those changes is disseminated widely to our users.

In all cases we avoid creating unnecessary records and we do not engage in practices that might place information in public view. Information we may gather and retain about current and valid library users include the following:

  • User Registration Information
  • Circulation Information
  • Information Required to Provide Library Services

2. Choice & Consent

This policy explains our information practices and the choices patrons can make regarding the manner in which personal information is collected and used. The library will not collect or retain any private or personally identifiable information other than that information required to obtain a library card.

If you wish to receive borrowing privileges or Internet access, we must obtain certain information about you in order to provide you with a library card. Personally identifiable information provided will be kept confidential unless we are compelled to do so under the law. The federal USA Patriot Act requires us to provide access to your library records and prohibits us from notifying you of the request. Also, as a city department of the City of Forrest City, your information will be given to St. Francis County District Court if you fail to return library materials, which is considered “Theft of City Property.”

3. Access by Users

Individuals who use library services that require the function and process of personally identifiable information are entitled to view and/or update their information. You will be asked to provide some sort of verification such as an identification card to ensure verification of identity.

The purpose of accessing and updating your personally identifiable information is to ensure that library operations can function properly. Such functions may include notification of overdue items, reserves, etc. The library will explain the process of accessing or updating your information so that all personally identifiable information is accurate and up to date.

4. Data Integrity & Security

Data Integrity: The data we collect and maintain at the library must be accurate and secure. We take reasonable steps to assure data integrity. Personally identifiable information is protected from unauthorized use.

Tracking Users:  Library visitors or Internet users are not asked to identify themselves or reveal any personal information unless they are:

  • Borrowing materials
  • Accessing the Internet in the library

We regularly remove cookies, Web history, cached files, or other computer and Internet use records and other software code that is placed on our computers or networks.

Staff access to personal data: We permit only authorized Library staff access to personal data stored in the Library's computer system for the purpose of performing library work. We will not disclose any personal data we collect from you to any other party except where required by law or to fulfill an individual user's service request. The Library does not sell or lease patrons’ personal information to any individual or entity.

5. Compliance

The Forrest City Public Library will not share data on individuals with third parties unless required by law. We conduct regular privacy audits in order to ensure that all library programs and services are enforcing our privacy policy. Library users who have questions, concerns, or complains about the library's handing of their privacy and confidentiality rights should file written comments with the Director of the Library. We will respond in a timely manner and may conduct a privacy investigation or review of policy and procedures.

We authorize only the Library Director or designee to receive or comply with requests from law enforcement officers. We will not make library records available to any agency of state, federal, or local government unless a subpoena, warrant, court order or other investigatory document is issued by a court of competent jurisdiction that shows good cause and is in proper form.

FCPL Board Approved: 5/01/2013