How to Get a Library Card


Residents living in the city limits of Forrest City are eligible for library cards, free of charge, due to library millage paid through city property taxes. 

Residents living outside of city limits are required to pay a yearly user fee of $20.00. Forrest City residents whose street address includes SFC or Hwy, may be required to provide proof of residency in the city limits of Forrest City to the satisfaction of the Director.

Library cards are valid for 2 years for residents living inside the city limits and 1 year for residents living outside of the city limits. Once a card has expired, cardholders living within the city limits of Forrest City may be asked to provide proof of continued residency as listed below under # 2. Information can be updated at any time if residency or information changes.

Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign them up for a library card.

Applicants must provide ONE from each of the following two sections:

1)    Identification 

  1. Valid Arkansas driver's license or Arkansas state-issued 
  2. Valid out-of-state driver's license
  3. Military ID
  4. Valid passport (U.S. or foreign)
  5. Valid alien registration card
  6. Valid School Id

2)    Current home address verification (showing address within Forrest City limits for Residents). Must be dated within the last 60 days and show applicant’s name and home address

  1. Utility bill, bank statement or other billing statement
  2. Postmarked mail with visible date
  3. Rent receipt or lease, imprinted with owner, property Management Company, or apartment building information
  4. Pay stub, imprinted with company name. Checkbooks are not acceptable
  5. Current property tax bill or receipt