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Kid's Stuff

Here are a few fun and safe sites for kids.  Some teen reference sites are also listed.  If you have other suggestions, please contact us.

Art Safari
This site lets you discover art and animals, and then helps you write a story about them.

Bill Nye The Science Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy makes learning about science fun, and shows you neat science experiments you can try at home.

The animated educational site for kids. Learn about everything from the Harlem Renaissance to the electromagnetic spectrum, movies, comics, and interactive games.

Cool Science For Curious Kids
If you're a curious kid looking for cool science facts, this is the place for you!

Discovery Kids
This site follows the Discovery Kids TV channel.  You can learn everything from climbing a wall to riding a camel.

Fact Monster is a reference center that is searchable by keyword or subject. The site is colorful, eye-catching, and easy to use.

The top-rated Internet educational site for kids.  Geared for kids grade K-8, it is educational and fun.  There are also teacher resources

The official kids site from the U.S. Government.  Come explore this site if you are looking for information on almost every topic you can think of�from art, music and animals, to homework help, history, how to fight crime, and computers!

Kids Health
Find out how to be a healthy kid at this site. There is information on eating healthy meals and snacks and keeping fit. You can also ask questions like "What causes hiccups?" or "How does the brain work?" Or, you can read the questions other kids have asked and the answers.

Instrument Encyclopedia
A symphony of sight and sound. More than 140 instruments from around the world to see and hear.

National Geographic For Kids
There's lots of cool science stuff just for kids from National Geographic.

Peace Corps For Kids
Learn about Peace Corps activities around the world, about countries where volunteers have made a difference, about what it's like to live in a different country, and about storytelling from about the world.

Yahoo! Kids
Links to kid-friendly, easy-to-search dictionary, and encyclopedia.

This site is from the animal magazine, Zoobooks, but you can enjoy it without a subscription. Find out tons of information about your favorite animals, like what and how they hunt, where they live, even what they sound like!